Cinchona Plantation

Cinchona Plantation ( Quinine )
Mungpoo,a small mountain village which is located 33 km east of Darjeeling and 52 km north-east of Siliguri. This bark with its miraculous power to cure, came to be known as Quinquina in French, based on its name Kinakina in the Quincha language of incas and Cina in Spanish. It was the Botanist Carolus Linnaeus, who in 1742 established the botanical genus Cinchona.The first Government Quinine Factory was set up at Mungpoo by Dr. Thomas Anderson in the year 1864.and has a total number of 175 employees. The Government Emetine Factory was also established at Mungpoo.These factories fall under the administration of the Directorate of Cinchona (under the Directorate of Industries, Government of West Bengal). Mungpoo and Cinchona are very like synonyms. It’s because of Cinchona Farming that Mungpoo has earned its name and fame in the world. Mungpoo is a finest hill side village of Darjeeling with its excellent natural beauty and an exceptional tourist spot of Darjeeling apart from it. It actually hold its glory with displaying its relation with BEngal’s pride Rabindra Nath Tagore as he visited every year to this spot.

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